Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She's a Brick House...

I'm continuing my love/hate relationship with brick facades.
It is so time consuming, yet rewarding when it's all done and colored in.
Philadelphia is chock full of different brick structures! These two were just done for my real estate guy.

The piece with the bay windows is on Queen Street in Queen Village. This is the first piece I've done that is actually mixed media. I had colored the windows way too dark and was about to start over but then I realized that painting over the marker would work just fine, and I was able to achieve the exact light blue/green color that I couldn't get with the markers.

The lower house is located in West Philadelphia. This unit was fun because it's setup is pretty unique to any of the other houses I have previously done.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

This portrait is a gift portrait for the client's partner. They have this nice home that they live in with these four pups, who for obvious reasons, could not be left out of the drawing. So this became my first pet/house combo commission. They also just planted the young tree out front which was fun to include. It's nice to see all the little touches people add to these row homes to make them their own!

Here's detail shots of some of the dogs.

American Sardine Bar

My first I guess you could say commercial "house portrait." My friend Maria had referred the manager of South Philly Tap Room to me for this project. They wanted an image for a full page ad for American Sardine Bar, for local magazines. They wanted the bar, with the neighborhood and the Philadelphia skyline showing. This project was very time consuming as I figured the best way to show it would be in perspective, which I haven't attempted to use accurately since I was in foundation 
drawing classes at Uarts.
Here's my drawing with and without the type I put on it. 
The original drawing is about 16"x20" and will soon be hanging in ASB.

And of course before it got redone, it was this "Wander Inn" place, 
which I bet had lots of cool stuff left inside before the renovations.